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Dog Home Groomer

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| 18,000+ Satisfied Customers

Dog Home Groomer

Time to live in a hair free house again

Whisper Quiet

5-in-1 Grooming Kit

Breath Allergy Free

Captures 99% of Hair

Works On All Pets.

No Mess. Zero Cleanup

My biggest issue with at home grooming is all the hair that ends up everywhere despite all your best efforts. This tool is quite amazing at just sucking it up. I absolutely can't do an at home grooming without this tool now. Changing the attachments out is super easy, the entire set up is easily portable, and it has a decent reach from power cord to the cord. It also does not vibrate too much, and when in use it does not hurt my pup when shaving. The brush and other attachments are great too, and all work great with the vacuum action too. Lastly - the storage of this vacuum is HUGE (well in terms of hair collection :p)

~Sarah M

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  • The TOP Rated Dog Vacuum

  • Designed Specificlly to Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Free Worldwide Shipping

Features And Benefits

Experience salon-quality dog grooming at home with our all-in-one dog grooming kit. Achieve a fresh, clean look for your beloved pet.

Big Suction
Shhh... Our plug in electric motor with 13000pa of suction power doesn't leave a single hair in your house while being whisper quiet
Zero Hair Trimmer
Can you imagine Trimming your dog without leaving hair everywhere? We can
Paw and Ear Trimmer
Freshen up your pup by getting hairs in those hard to reach spots
Grooming Brush
Our customers faviourte brush they didn't know they neeeded. Collects hair before it has a chance to spread into your house
Removes hair from your dogs undercoat. Do weekly, espessily during shedding season, to control the amount of fur around your home.
Massive 2.5L Hair Catcher
We've included a large catch to make sure you spend less time emptying and more time grooming

Us Vs Them

  • Hair Collection: 99%
  • 7 Grooming Tools
  • Noise: Pup Friendly 60db
  • Works On All Dogs
  • Attachment Storage: Yes

Other Guys

  • Hair Collection: Some
  • 3 - 5 Grooming Tools
  • Noise: Scares Most Dogs
  • Hard Time With Big Dogs
  • Attachment Storage: No

How It Works

  • Pick Your Attachment

  • Freshen Your Pooch

  • Live Dog Hair Free

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  • Reduce Allergens in Your Home

  • Save Money and Time on The Groomers

  • Keep your dog happy and fresh

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Happy Humans

| 18,000+ Satisfied Customers
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Cassidy L.


This dog grooming kit has made it easy to keep up on brushing my 2 hairy pups in the house with little to no mess. Love all the attachments that come with this kit, as well as how quiet the machine is even on the highest mode. My dogs loved this product and so do I. Love, Love, Love. Highly recommend

Kyle F.


I was a bit skeptical bout buying this pet vacuum. I'm sure glad I did. Our short haired dog was shedding alot with hot weather. I can put it on high level and he lays there and loves beening vacuumed. So happy I bought it. It keeps the hair fluff off your clothes and goes into the vacuum. Definitely a great product

Wendy S.


With two dogs in the house, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever get the hair situation under control. After purchasing numerous, expensive 'solutions', that were not solutions at all, we were skeptical and hesitant to lay out the money for this one. It arrived, and almost overnight we were in control of the dog hair. The dogs were scared of it at first, but now they lie down in wait when they see us bring it out.

The LevelPaw Dog Grooming Kit is a PET OWNER'S ESSENTIAL for keeping your furry friends well-groomed

Tired of pet hair all over your house?

Excessive shedding driving you crazy?

The LevelPaw Dog Grooming Kit is the solution to a hair-free home, leaving your pets looking and feeling their best Miranda T.

Provide your pets with a stress-free grooming experience at home, where they feel comfortable. Say goodbye to excessive shedding and expensive groomer visits.

Labeled as "The ultimate grooming companion" - having this kit ensures your pets stay well-groomed, even if you can't make it to the salon. It's as simple as brushing and grooming!

Our pets now enjoy regular grooming sessions without the mess or the stress Marcus B.

Excessive shedding can lead to frustration and mess all over your home. It is crucial that pet owners prioritize regular grooming for their pets, preventing fur-related issues and keeping them looking their best.

With regular use, the LevelPaw Dog Grooming Kit has been proven to provide pets with a cleaner, healthier coat, resulting in reduced shedding and an overall improved quality of life, all without the need for costly professional grooming.

Frequently Woofed Questions

What happens if I or my pet are not satisfied with the product?

The product comes with a "Happy Pet Guarantee." You can try it for up to 30 days, and if you or your pet aren't satisfied with the product's performance, you can return it for a full refund, and we will cover the return shipping.

How does the vacuum work with the attachments?

The vacuum/attachment system is designed to capture loose fur, dander, and other debris while you groom your pet. It helps eliminate the need for post-grooming cleanup by capturing up to 99% of the loose hair and debris.

How loud is the grooming system, and will it scare my pet?

The system operates quietly, under 60db at max setting. It's designed to be pet-friendly and won't startle or stress your furry friend during the grooming process.

Can I save money by grooming my pet at home instead of going to a professional groomer?

Yes, one of the advantages of this system is that it helps you save money on professional grooming appointments by providing the tools needed to groom your pet effectively at home.

How easy is it to clean the grooming kit?

The kit is designed for easy cleaning, with detachable components that can be emptied and cleaned after use.

How does the grooming kit help reduce shedding in dogs?

The grooming kit helps reduce shedding by capturing loose fur while grooming, preventing it from falling off onto your floors.

Is this grooming kit suitable for both small and large dogs?

Yes, this kit is suitable for both small and large dogs, making it versatile for various breeds and sizes.

How comfortable is the grooming process for dogs?

The grooming process is designed for the comfort of dogs, with adjustable suction levels and quieter operation. Like anything new you introduce to your dog there may be an adjustment period and it will vary dog to dog.

Is it suitable for pets?

Yes! While we are a company that manufacturers and sells dogs products the grooming kit is designed with cats in mind as well.

Can I adjust the suction levels to suit my dog's needs?

Yes, it features adjustable suction levels, allowing you to select the most suitable setting for your dog.