| 25,000+ satisfied customers

Dog Seat Protector

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| 25,000+ satisfied customers

Dog Seat Protector

Cleanly and safely take your dog with you anywhere

A safe and happy dog

Safe for all dog sizes

Protects car from Odors

Scratch Protection

Waterproof Barier

Ergonomic and easy to use

I bought this for my aunt who owns a nice SUV with leather seats and a rambunctious husky. I installed it for her while I was visiting her over the holidays and she absolutely loved it, after road-tripping to my grandma’s about 4 hours away we found that the seats were well-protected and the fur was almost completely contained to the protector. The protector easily fit her medium SUV and the clips were very easy to adjust. Additionally, her dog was much more relaxed throughout the trip and seemed to enjoy watching us through the see-through mesh. I highly recommend this protector.

~ David Mattison

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  • The TOP Rated Car Seat Protector

  • Designed Specificlly to Keep Your Dog safe and happy

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Free Worldwide Shipping


Our powerful and silent dog nail grinder is built to last. From a convenient grinder head designed to operate smoothly on all sizes of dogs to its LED light allowing full visability during operation. And enjoyable features like our dual speed motor to reliably trim each nail with ease.

5 Waterproof Layers
Easy to clean and prevents stains liquids and dirt from getting to your seats
Reinforced Seams
Our research concludes that the first place normal seat protectors fails is the seams so we triple reinforced ours
Compact Design
Easily folds to tuck away in your trunk or under the seats
Airflow Vent
See through airflow vent allows your dog to see you and get fresh air without jumping up onto the front seats or fabric
Storage Pockets
Pack it with Leashes, toys, and all your dog gear for quick access
Ajustable Buckles
Fits perfectly in any car by adjusting the length of headrest straps the first time you use it.

Us Vs Them

  • Tear Buster Material
  • Fits all Vehicles: Yes
  • 100% Liquid Barrier
  • 15 Second Setup
  • 8 Point Connection

Other Guys

  • Broken Seams
  • Fits all Vehicles: No Trucks
  • Instant Liquid Passthrough
  • Setup: Could be a While
  • 2 or 4 Point Connection

How It Works

  • Setup

    Straps and buckles create strong attachment points
  • Load Dog

    Open the door and allow your dog to get themselves in or lift them in and then close the door
  • Clean

    Spray down with a hose or machine wash and then allow to air dry for a fresh seat protector
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  • Your Dog is destroying the Value of Your Car

    Dog stains, odors, and physical damage can reduce the resale value of your vehicle by 15%

  • Protecting Against Stains, Odors, and Physical Damage

    Level Paw's seat protector catches hair, dirt, and liquids leaving your seats pristine

  • Prevents Distractions

    Keeps you and your dog safe by keeping them in the rear of the vehicle

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Happy Humans

| 25,000+ satisfied customers
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Kim G.


I really like the detail that went in to designing this pet car seat cover. It is a waterproof, non slip seat cover that not only protects my car seats but it’s sling design protects my dog. It even has flaps that drop down to cover the sides of the seats.

Pauline T.


My girl loves this. She won't rude in my jeep without it. It is exactly as featured and easy to install. Easy to wash as well.

Pam H.


Very thick and good quality. Had the pockets to put things such as the dogs water bottle and harness. I love the little see through net so the dog can still see me and I can still see him.

The LevelPaw Dog Car Seat Protector - Protect Your Car, Maintain Its Value!

Tired of dealing with pet hair, stains, and scratches on your car seats?

Worried that your dog's adventures might damage your car's interior and decrease its value?

Keep your car hygienic and protect its value with the Dog Car Seat Protector. Sarah M.

Create a safe and comfortable environment for your dog during car rides. Our Car Seat Protector offers convenience and portability.

Labeled as "The ultimate solution to pet-related mess," having one of these in your car ensures that your furry friend can enjoy car trips without any worries. It's as simple as securing it in place!

Maintain your car's value and enjoy stress-free journeys with your pet. John D.

Protect your car seats and provide your dog with a comfortable ride. Prevent long, unkempt nails from causing damage.

With regular use, the LevelPaw Dog Car Seat Protector keeps your car clean and your pet happy, preserving your vehicle's value for years to come.

LevelPaw Dog Car Seat Protector

Frequently Woofed Questions

Can I use the LevelPaw Dog Seat Protector for multiple dogs?

Cleaning the nail grinder is simple. The detachable grinding head can be easily removed for cleaning. We recommend using a soft brush or cloth to remove any debris, and it's also safe to rinse the head under running water.

Does it fit my car?

Absolutely! Our seat protector is designed to fit all passenger vehicles including large trucks and small sedans! Adjustable straps ensure a snug fit in any vehicle. You won't find a reason not to make this smart addition to your car.

Is the LevelPaw Car Seat Protector easy to install?

Absolutely! It's a breeze to install. Just secure it to the headrests and fasten the straps. You'll have it in place within minutes.

How Does It Work?

The LevelPaw protector transforms your car's rear seats into a haven of cleanliness and pet-friendly comfort. The hammock-style design not only shields your seats from fur, scratches, and spills but also creates a secure space for your furry friend. No more fretting about muddy paws on your leather seats or sudden jumps into the front.

Can it really preserve my car's resale value?

Indeed! Picture this: you're ready to upgrade your car, and the potential buyer steps inside. What do they see? A well-preserved, spotless interior, thanks to your LevelPaw Dog Car Seat Protector. It's not just a protector; it's an investment in your car's future resale value.

Can I still secure my dog with a seatbelt while using the LevelPaw Car Seat Protector?

Absolutely. We've thought of everything. Our Car Seat Protector features convenient seatbelt openings, allowing you to keep your pet safe and secure while ensuring your car seats remain protected. It's all about combining safety and convenience.

How does the LevelPaw Car Seat Protector make my pet more comfotable?

Your pet deserves a comfortable ride, and the LevelPaw Car Seat Protector delivers just that. Its quilted padding creates a cozy space for your furry friend to relax during car journeys. Say goodbye to anxious pets and hello to peaceful, stress-free rides.

Can this seat protector withstand the demands of larger dogs?

Absolutely! Our Car Seat Protector is designed to handle the biggest of breeds with ease. Its durable construction can withstand the energy and enthusiasm of larger dogs, ensuring that your car seats stay protected regardless of your pet's size.

Is the LevelPaw Car Seat Protector backed by a satisfaction guarantee?

You bet! We're so confident in the quality and performance of our Car Seat Protector that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely thrilled with your purchase, simply let us know, and we'll make it right. Your satisfaction is our commitment.