| 30,000+ satisfied customers

Dog Hair Remover

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| 30,000+ Satisfied Customers

Dog Hair Remover

Take The "Fur" Out Of "Furniture"

Easy To Use

Convenient Collection

Multisurface Performance

Ultimate Versatility

Healthier Living

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Incredible! This tool transformed my cleaning routine. Now I have a fur-free home, without much effort. A true dog owner's dream!

~ Diane Thomas

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  • The Top Rated Dog Hair Remover

  • Designed Specifically to Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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The Best Dog Hair Solution

Our revolutionary dog hair remover is designed to make your life easier and keep your home clean! From it's user-friendly and versatile design that allows it to adapt to various surfaces and hair types, to its compact size aiding in the portability and removal of hair everywhere. Not to mention enjoyable features like it's built in compartment for easy hair collection.

Easy To Use
Quickly remove dog hair from carpets and furniture with a simple, back-and-forth motion. No cords, batteries, or fuss required.
Convenient Collection
Effortlessly empty the hair collection compartment into the trash to maintain a great cleaning experience.
Multisurface Performance
Our dog hair remover works wonders on a wide range of fabrics and materials, keeping all your spaces and items hair-free.
Ultimate Versatility
Designed for dogs of all breeds and hair lengths, our versatile remover is a must-have for any dog owner.
Healthier Living
Eliminate dog hair, a common source of allergies and odors, for a healthier and fresher home environment.
Hassle-Free Cleaning
Say goodbye to sticky tapes and refills. Our eco-friendly dog hair remover makes dog hair cleanup easy and sustainable.

Us Vs Them

  • 99% Hair Removal
  • Multi-Surface Use
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Compact and Portable
  • High-Quality Materials

Other Guys

  • Leaves Hair Behind
  • Only Some Surfaces
  • One Time Use
  • Bulky and Inconvenient
  • Poor Build Quality

How It Works

  • Roll

    Roll Your Hair Remover Back & Forth On The Desired Surface To Begin Collecting Unwanted Hair
  • Empty

    Once all hair is gone, or compartment is full, empty into a trash can or vacuum out of compartment.
  • Reuse

    It's that easy! Just roll, empty, and reuse. No confusing steps or messy processes. We keep it simple.
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Health Benefits

  • Increases Home Cleanliness By Removing Loose Pet Hair

  • Reduces The Potential For Airborne Dog Allergens

  • A Less Stressful Environment For You And Your Dog

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Why Dog Owners Everywhere Are Choosing This Premium Dog Hair Remover

| 30,000+ Satisfied Customers
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Emily D.


A real lifesaver for allergy sufferers. The Dog Hair Remover does an incredible job keeping my home hair-free and my allergies at bay. Best purchase ever!

Amanda P.


This hair remover works like magic! It tackles dog hair on carpets and furniture no problem, and its ease of use makes it a must-have for any pet parent. Five stars!

Michael L.


I'm obsessed with the Dog Hair Remover. It's such a time-saver. My couches, car, and home are now all dog hair-free. It's a game-changer for any dog household.

The Dog Hair Remover is a HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIAL for the puppy parent that wants to keep their home clean

Tired of constantly battling pet hair and resorting to adhesives or time-consuming methods?

Or does your home look like a pet hair paradise?

My Dog Hair Remover keeps my home looking pristine even with my furry companion. Deborah J.

Maintain a clean and hygienic living environment despite the presence of your shedding Dog. The Dog Hair Remover transforms the cleanliness of any room with ease.

Labeled as "The superior solution to traditional pet hair removal methods," having one in each room frequented by your pet guarantees a clean and hair-free space.

I no longer fret about pet hair coating my home. Carol B.

Excessive pet hair, both on surfaces and in the air, can lead to allergies and irritations if left unattended. It's crucial for dog owners to address this issue promptly to maintain a clean environment.

Experience less pet hair in the air and on surfaces by using our Dog Hair Remover. It ensures your home remains free from pet hair and contaminants, eliminating the need for time-consuming cleaning methods. Say goodbye to pet hair and hello to a spotless home!

Frequently Woofed Questions

How does the Dog Hair Remover work?

The Dog Hair Remover uses static electricity to attract pet hair, lint, and other contaminants from various fabric surfaces. Simply roll it back and forth, and the hair is collected in the built-in hair collection compartment.

Is it safe to use on all types of fabric?

Yes, the Dog Hair Remover works effectively on most fabric surfaces, including couches, beds, blankets, carpets, and comforters, without causing any damage.

Can I use it on my pet directly?

No, the Dog Hair Remover is designed for use on soft, fabric like surfaces only (Beds, Blankets, Carpet, Ect.) and should not be used directly on your dog's fur.

How do I clean the Dog Hair Remover?

Cleaning out your Dog Hair Remover is simple! Start by removing all hair and other debris from the collection department. Next, wipe out what is left in the collection compartment using a damp cloth and clean the rollers with the same cloth.

Is it pet-specific, or can it be used for other purposes?

While designed for pet hair removal, the Dog Hair Remover is versatile and effective for removing lint, human hair, and similar contaminants from fabric or otherwise soft surfaces.

Does it work on both short and long pet hair?

Yes, the Dog Hair Remover is designed to handle all types of dog hair, including both short and long strands.

Do I need any additional accessories like batteries or adhesive strips?

No, the Dog Hair Remover is a self-contained tool. It doesn't require batteries, adhesives, or any sticky tapes to function.

How often should I deep clean the Dog Hair Remover?

It's recommended to deep clean the device occasionally by wiping the compartment and roller with a damp cloth to maintain its efficiency.

Can I use it on smooth or hard surfaces like hardwood or tile floors?

The Dog Hair Remover is most effective on soft fabric surfaces. It's not recommended for use on smooth or hard surfaces as it may not be as efficient.

How does the Dog Hair Remover compare to traditional lint rollers?

The Dog Hair Remover is a superior choice compared to traditional lint rollers. It's more effective, reusable, and doesn't require sticky tapes or adhesive papers.

Is the Dog Hair Remover portable for on-the-go use?

Absolutely! The Dog Hair Remover is portable and compact, making it a great companion for dog owners who want to keep their clothes and car clean while traveling.